digital scanners

  1. Uniden BCD996P2 Scanners

    Uniden BCD996P2 Scanners

    Two Uniden BCD996P2 Scanners in a 2023 ford explorer
  2. jdw1958

    Butts County. City of Jackson, GA

    I'm considering buying a scanner to monitor police and fire in Butts County. Would like to reach Lamar, Spalding and Henry County as well. I have looked at the PRO-197. I am still a novice in regards to understanding the Trunking, Digital signals. On a limited budget, can I get some...
  3. radioscan

    Digital Scanning Presentation

    There will be presentation on Digital Scanning at the January meeting of the OHKYIN Amateur Radio Club. The meeting will be Tuesday January 4th at 7:30 PM at 120 Washington Avenue in St. Bernard (just north of downtown Cincinnati). It will be fun and informative for anyone who is interested in...
  4. U

    Sioux Falls Aera Scanners

    I got a RadioShack Pro-106 today and RadioShack programed it there. But I want some diffrent channels. I want Fire and EMS on the same band and Police on a diffrent Band. How can I do this? And they had a Talk Group into it scanner at the time but all day no firefighters came on it at all. And...