digital voice

  1. P

    Old P25 decoding

    Why was P25 phase I decoded with so many artifacts in the audio? this even goes for P25 radios of the 2000s. Was this the first attempt at digital voice decode? Why did it take so long to improve it?
  2. D

    Showing up on Brandmiester but not being heard

    Hello all, I'm connecting via repeater to talkgroups with good signal strength, my transmit logs are registering on Brandmiester but other parties are not hearing me, nor can I hear myself on Hoseline. My handset is an MD-380. Any thoughts?
  3. K

    New To Digital Voice

    Please forgive me if this topic is posted already. Recently (its been a couple weeks now) my home towns local PD made the switch to digital voice comms and now i believe my radio to be incapable of receiving their transmissions (now i just get a garbled machine sounding interference). I'm a...
  4. K

    Unknown /\/\ Voice Type

    First post on the forums after learning most of what I know about scanners and radio systems through the site in the last 6 months or so. Had the 996p2 going on close call in the truck the other day on campus and picked up some sort of digital voice that it couldn't decode from a repeater about...
  5. V

    Yaesu Introduces System Fusion

    Yaesu is calling their digital product line "System Fusion"; they introduced the new suie at TAPR in Seattle recently. There's video: Dennis, K7BV of Yaesu Introduces System Fusion & DR-1 Digital/FM FDMA C4FM Repeater HamRadioNow Episode 99: Yaesu Announces Digital Voice Repeater at the...
  6. microwave

    Audio Quality: Dstar vs. P25 vs. DMR

    Has anyone compared all three digital voice modes? I'm unhappy with the Dstar quality. P25 sounds good with a new DSP and I haven't tried DMR. What are your experiences with voice quality?
  7. n9mxq

    442.075 Data transmissions??

    Dunno if it was due to a ducting event but I heard what sounds like a data transmission on what used to be a local repeater freq.. Anyone in Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin know of a Dstar or other DV repeater here abouts??
  8. R

    dsd working hardware

    hi just a quick bit of info for anyone that is interested. i want to give some info on my set up. my computer is a small ecafe ec900 notebook with 1 gb of ram running ubuntu 10.4 lts using onboard sound my radio is a icom ic-e 2820 i am taking the audio from the packet radio socket at the front...