direction finding


    NDB and Waypoint NAVAIDS

    NDB means non-directional beacon. NDBs are located near toxic waste sites, nuclear facilities, dangerous areas, and restricted areas. Non-Direction literally means “DO NOT GO IN THIS DIRECTION BECAUSE YOU COULD DIE.”. Waypoints are directional beacons. Waypoints are located near safe areas like...
  2. R

    84 seconds to locate transmitter with the KrakenSDR

    I've never done any Direction Finding before, so setting up & using the device was an interesting experience. I spent an afternoon setting it up in my living room, getting some of the kinks worked out, and learning how to connect everything via a Pi400 (which I hooked up to my TV to figure out...
  3. vagrant

    Have you ever participated in a T-Hunt/Fox Hunt?

    I am curious how many RR members have actually participated in a transmitter hunt and if so, how many. If you have had to do this in a professional capacity, please provide some details on the equipment you used.
  4. S

    RSSI Direction Finding Problems

    Well I have reached the limits of my wisdom and now I seek advice among the professionals here in the Forums. Let me quickly describe the project I'm working on: The goal is that a LoRa Receiver can detect the direction of addressed LoRa Signals (home in on the Transmitter basically). My...
  5. N

    Coast Guard RDF Capability

    Hi everybody, Does anyone know what sort of RDF capability the Coast Guard has, in general? Do they have the ability to locate an RF signal source on a given VHF marine voice channel? Also, is RDF being incorporated as a feature of Rescue 21? Thanks in advance! :)