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    NDB and Waypoint NAVAIDS

    NDB means non-directional beacon. NDBs are located near toxic waste sites, nuclear facilities, dangerous areas, and restricted areas. Non-Direction literally means “DO NOT GO IN THIS DIRECTION BECAUSE YOU COULD DIE.”. Waypoints are directional beacons. Waypoints are located near safe areas like...
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    Is it possible to use a yagi antenna to receive and monopole to transmit in the same system?

    Hello, I am trying to create a pet tracker and was wondering if its possible to use a monopole antenna to send and receive signals to the handheld device from the pet collar, and then to track the location of the pet collar, use the yagi for directional finding. So the pet tracker would...
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    Stacking 6 meter beam antennas

    Hello. I want to receive from and transmit into 2 different directions at a time on 50MHz. So I thought I would connect Cushcraft A50-5S 5 element beam and a Comet CA-52HB4 4 element beam. The two antennas will point in different directions without a rotor and will be connect to the same coax...
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    Atcs antennas question help!!!

    Hello everyone. I’ve been a member for a while. I usually read the threads but now I have a question. So I monitor Atcs on the UP in Dallas TX (Dallas Sub and Mineola Sub)- Dallas is a little weird Bc there is a section of track, approx 30 miles that is Atcs and then changes to Genisys the...
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    MW-antenna directional during the nighttime, omnidirectional in the daytime

    Hi, if someone happens to get interested into my idea about how i made a Double-KAZ antenna for being directional during the nighttime and omnidirectional in daytime, there is an article here: MW-antenna directional during the nighttime, omnidirectional in the daytime - SDRplay Community Forum...
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    About uni-directional antenna

    Say...I am in search for some kind of antenna with beamwidth no more than 15 degrees. The beam orientation should be steerable by programming and the size of the antenna should be around 5 inches. I have searched Cisco, d-link and TP-link, but the problem is when the beamwidth becomes small, the...