disaster communications

  1. K

    P7200 800 mHz Conventional

    I have a non-profit disaster response NGO. The state donated a P7200 handheld for disaster use. Florida has a conventional 800mhz disaster bank. The radio is programmed with the Statewide Law Enforcement Response Service (SLERS) EDACS. I need somebody that can delete the SLERS EDACS and leave...
  2. kk4dnl

    NOAA / NWS Fill In The Blank Weather Sheet?

    Has anyone ever hear of a fill in the blank sheet for NOAA / NWS radio transmissions? I have a very bad memory and thought it to be a great idea to have a sheet of laminated paper that has the basic structure of a NOAA radio transmission filled out and you the listener just fill in the blanks...
  3. A


    Good evening everyone, hope this finds each of you well. I wanted to pass this along to those who may be interested. Hamilton County (Noblesville) has been chosen to participate along with three other counties in the United States in a program called NETGuard. The idea behing NETGuard is to...