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  1. D

    HackRF One, GQRX & Discone.

    Hi All, I’m new to SDR and radio in general, I have a Hack RF One running through GQRX on Mac. I have a Discone antenna installed in my attic which I connect directly to my HackRF one using RG58 cable. Does anyone have any tips on optimal set up in GQRX etc? I can pick up a few signals on the...
  2. emtbucky1

    Best Wide-Band Scanner Antenna...the seventeen foot tall X700HNA or D3000N Discone?

    price is no worry, base station, antenna with highest gain for all band scanner? X700HNA Dualband Base/Repeater Antenna ? Or am I just better off with a wideband discone? Like the D3000N?
  3. S

    Single mast installation

    If installing a discone antenna on the same mast as Tv antenna how far apart from each other?
  4. J

    Distance Between TX and RX Antennas on House?

    Hi All, I'd like to install a dual band base antenna (likely no more than 50W at max output) for reporting in to my Skywarn Net and ragchewing. I'd also like to put up a discone or similar wideband RX antenna for monitoring Aircraft, Marine, RR, etc. I'm assuming I can't put them right...
  5. R

    Interested in setting up a Discone Antenna

    Hey RR users, I've been playing with SDR, And it's really a lot of fun, and a great entrance to the Radio world. I'm wanting to set up a Discone Antenna for general listening, I'd obviously want this on my Roof. I don't come from any engineering or electrical backgrounds, However I know the...
  6. B

    Comet CTS-50M Flat Cable Window Gap Jumper

    So my work was kinda slow today with all this rain so I was able to take the opportunity to spend some time shopping for some new toys. I'm looking at a Diamond discone antenna to add to my old Uniden and ultimately with my new bcd436hp when it comes in. Does anyone have experience using one of...
  7. holmziep

    MFJ Discone 1868 ALERT!

    Let me first say that I am a big fan of MFJ. I have no bone to pick with them, and I realize this is an inexpensive antenna partly or wholly mfg in China. Not being my only antenna, I will use it on all the ham bands from 6 meters through 1.2 gigs (someday). Right now I really love the raised...
  8. K

    old discone?

    Just getting back into scanning, mostly because of the fires here in rural Washington. Expecting a Uniden HP-2 today. I already have a 30+ year old discone antenna on the roof that does not appear to be missing any radials. Has the technology changed so much that this will be a waste of time...
  9. C

    Modding an Antennacraft ST4

    I got a discone antenna, Antennacraft ST4, being used for receiving only. I have no plans to do transmitting on it. I want to do some changes to it, but wanted to know pros and cons. Antenna: Antennacraft ST4 Cabling Used: RG6 quad shielded Uses: OTA DTV and police scanners Location of...
  10. S

    Build my own Discone (Imgur album in text)

    As I've gained more equipment (now an SDR which I use for ADS-B and ACARS) and my pro 2006 for NOAA APT i've started experimenting more with building my own antennas (Such as a double cross for APT). Well, I decided I wanted to do a little more, get a little bit more technical. I looked at the...