discriminator output

  1. Bundle sell BC890XLT W/Discr-output, Uniden BC15

    Bundle sell BC890XLT W/Discr-output, Uniden BC15

    Both fully functional. Both legs on 890XLT are still intact. The unfiltered audio on the 890 has always done really well on decoding. DSD, PDW, etc. Ive used the 15 for air monitoring and such but reorganizing my setup so no need. $15.00 shipping should cover but can be discussed.
  2. S

    OP25 with Discriminator Audio Question

    I've added a discriminator jack to my BCT15x and I am able to decode p25 easily with DSDPlus. I would like to do the same with OP25 so that I can decode on a pi4. However I have not been able to figure out if OP25 has an option for accepting discriminator audio via the microphone jack. I have...
  3. AK4FD

    PDW PDW & Icom 7100 Radio

    I am trying to figure out how to decode PDW messages using my Icom 7100 ham radio. The radio has various data ports in the back. I haven't been able to find any documentation on where the discriminator tap would be (if any exists)... Has anyone accomplished this yet?
  4. M

    Kenwood TK8180

    Hello all. New to working with Kenwood PMRs. I'm trying to setup something very simple, and wondered (a) if it could be done, and (b) how to do it. Fairly sure it can be done. I want to transceive 9600 baud data. I need the audio to be as flat as possible and the minimum phase distortion on...
  5. saboken

    BCD996P2 Scanning NXDN W/SDR Discriminator output???

    I just purchased 2 SDR radios and found I need to have a Discriminator output as to not filter the audio going to one of the SDR radios, I Have a BCD996P2 but cant find any info on where to tap into it to bypass the filter for said output? I found all the info I need to decode NXDN/MotoTRBO Etc...
  6. A

    help Locating Discriminator output

    HI, I can't seem to find a service or schematic for the TM281A. I want to find a point to pull discrimnator audio for packet experiment. I normally would go after the squelch pot. Well there isn't on on here. The only other option is the Volume pot. Any thoughts Mike