1. C

    HP-2: Homepatrol 2 discriminator tap

    I have a few scanners including a HP2. I have the extreme upgrade. I tried using the "paw data output" aka discriminator tap to decode the fire pages, nothing. The meter does show a constant signal. It just doesn't decode. How the hell do you work this feature?
  2. AK4FD

    PDW PDW & Icom 7100 Radio

    I am trying to figure out how to decode PDW messages using my Icom 7100 ham radio. The radio has various data ports in the back. I haven't been able to find any documentation on where the discriminator tap would be (if any exists)... Has anyone accomplished this yet?
  3. N9JIG

    TRX-2 Inside look and discriminator

    Along with the TRX-1 here is the inside gander of the TRX-2. Do not try this at home children, I am not responsible if you fry your radio or void your warranty. I do not know how forgiving Wendy is... Here is the bottom side of the board. Notice the copious shielding, especially on the RF...
  4. N9JIG

    TRX-1 Inside Look and discriminator

    I did this so you don't have to. Do not void your warranty. if you do it ain't my fault! While the TRX-1 discriminator audio is available from the earphone jack without modification it is also available from the infamous TP-4 of GRE and RS heritage. The discriminator audio from this point works...
  5. SamAltenberger

    Decoding MotoTrbo/DMR using DSD + Discriminator Tap

    Hello! My school uses a MotoTrbo VHF Digital Trunked radio system that I would like to monitor. By looking at one of the Motorola XPR 4550 (VHF) base station radios in use at my school, I saw the "Unsecure" logo (see below), which I believe means that encryption is not being used and is...
  6. C

    BC346XT: Trunking and Discriminator Output

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. For a while, I've been trying to find out how I can hook my scanner up to my computer to provide a feed for ATCS, a program that monitors trains. My old BC72XLT just broke, and I actually ended up getting a BC75XLT. I quickly learned certain channels I wanted would...
  7. rdh201

    Pro-2018 discriminator output tap info

    I need to know; 1. If either TP4 or IC4 pin9 should be used for discriminator tap or a different one. 2. How many resistors and size uF and volt. 3. Is a capacitor necessary? Size? Doesn't seem to be much info on this model for mods. I'm posting a pic showing what I think the...
  8. AK4FD

    Discriminator Tap?

    Hello all... Does anybody know where I can buy a pre-made Discriminator Tap or something for my BCD536HP?? I'm not good with soldiering & I'd hate to screw up and melt the wrong contact or the circuit board... Is there any places online that sell pre-made Taps? I could have sworn I've seen...
  9. K

    Digital Audio and Discriminator tap

    It's been a long time since I've done any real upgrading to new technology for scanners, so I am certain my questions will seem like they just stepped off the good ship S.S. DUH. But here goes: 1) About a year ago I bought a HomePatrol scanner, based on the ease of programming it supposedly...
  10. gonzalu

    BCD996XT ACARS and Discriminator Output

    Hello all, I can't recall if I already posted a question on this or not but I can't find it in "My Threads" so here it goes (possibly again) I want to use the BCD996XT to decode ACARS. While I know the baud rate is usually slow enough for straight sound card via audio out. But I am used to...
  11. J

    Proper Discriminator

    I have a Realistic Pro 60 that I'm using for decoding digital transmissions etc. Right now it's just a straight connection to the discriminator in the scanner to a headphone jack that I connect to my computer to record. When the squelch is on I'm getting some sort of audio noise that goes off...
  12. J

    discriminator resistor and capacitor

    Hi all: I have $15 (including shipping..) for someone to build a proper discriminator cable to line input. I already have the discriminator wire out the back. It was purchased that way, else I could also make the cable ;) It has a single wire coming from the scanner rear so the cable will need...
  13. R

    I have questions about LTR and a discriminator port

    In order to save money and avoid having to buy new EFJ equipment. Has anyone had success in monitoring an LTR system with the software found on RR and what scanner should I buy to add a port to? Any help is appreciated. In searching the RR database I found a very nice discriminator port added...
  14. F

    Discriminator Tap BC700A

    Ok, i was wanting to know how to put a disc. tap on my old scanner, i have sort of an idea on how to do this but i'm not sure where to solder from to the pin. Plus after i do this would i be able to get the raw data from the headphone jack or how would that be done? Thanks in advance.
  15. N

    PSR-400 discriminator tap?

    Does anyone have accurate information on where to obtain discriminator audio on a GRE PSR-400. I have seen information that it may be either TP3 or TP4, but haven't confirmed either. Specifically looking for anyone who has either done and confirmed this, or has confirmed on a schematic...
  16. K

    two radios on one feed???

    Hello all. I am using oddcast and want to play separate radios on the two channels, but not sure exactly how to go about it. Can I just use a splitter to separate the left and right channel audio at back of soundcard and then use a different cable for each radio? Basically I want to stream ham...
  17. D

    Using DSP Filtering on VHF/UHF

    Greetings All, Would use of a DSP filtering unit (such as a Timewave DSP-599zx or similar) greatly improve the attributes of a wideband receiver/scanner? (in my case an IC-R7100). Is there an added benefit of dsp when tuning into digital modes when using codes such as UniTrunker? Thanking all...