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    Question from Newbie - Orange County Fire MetroNet districts

    Been a radio listener for many-many years. Switched to online sites since things became trunked years ago as I didn't have the equipment to follow those. I'm not sure if this is the correct page, forum or even site, but I'm hoping I could get my question answered. I've been searching off and...
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    Elk Grove Unified School District

    I monitor EGUSD PD along with other agencies, and when the dispatcher for EGUSD comes on, they are hard to understand at times, with a lot of background noise. Does anyone know where they are dispatched from? Also, during the day, it sounds as if they have two dispatchers talking to each other...
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    SSD District Changes?

    I was checking SSD's online crime mapping program, and I entered my address (My general area is Elk-Grove Florin Road & Calvine Road), and the district coming up is 6, when it used to say district 7. Has the department changed its districts? Or is this just an error in the program?
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    Can someone tell me the district numbers for camden county?

    I listen to camden county a lot and I don't know what district numbers are for what town. I'd appreciate it if someone could post this information. Thanks