1. J

    US DoD (14C) Key West NAS Site

    Spending a few days down South, way down South! And brought my Whistler TRX-1 along for some entertainment while walking the dogs. The county P25 system is coming in great, even heard the NAS tower, but the trunked system has been quiet for two days. The last 12 hours or so I've been...
  2. listen13579

    Pentagon JNCR

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to monitor the Pentagon via the JNCR system on my HP-1 but I'm not hearing anything. The radio occasionally stops briefly on TG 201 but no audio is heard. Anyone else listen to the Pentagon? Is it just my HP-1 or is the system not active? Signal strength shows 4 bars...
  3. Bote

    DoD 380MHz P25 nationwide military trunked system 14C

    I've been monitoring the nationwide 380MHz P25 military trunked system 14C site at Key West, Florida for some time. Recently they have begun using talkgroup 28995 for daily radio checks and actual dispatches of fire calls. This is labeled "Navy southeast region dispatch". The Key West units...
  4. Bote

    Uniden 996 settings for DoD P25 system

    I have a remote Uniden BCD996T (no X) that was receiving the NAS Key West trunked radio system just fine for a couple years. This morning they are conducting an exercise making extensive use of the trunked system and I found a bunch of new talkgroups. I added them to FreeScan the same way I...
  5. myspacebarisbroken

    DoD Interoperability

    Are the sites in the DoD TRS independant of eachother or (for example) could someone in the Philadelphia shipyard talk to a naval base in California if they are both on the same TG?:confused: If so, is this system interoperable with other systems with the WACN BEE00?
  6. cj5

    U.S. DOD Pendleton Programming on BC396XT

    I've been having some trouble programming this system (U.S. Department of Defense: Project 25 Trunking System, Various, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies), so if there is anyone that can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I entered the system in as a P25 trunk system, assigned the...
  7. km4id

    Frequency Coordination for DoD

    Does anyone know what agency is responsible for coordinating and assigning frequencies for military use? As we all know, the FCC has authority for things such as Public Safety, Public Service, Maritime, and Commercial uses, but the FCC isn't involved with the bands allocated for Aviation and...