1. MikeTheListener

    ALE Station KWT92, who could that be?

    Hello, everyone, Maybe someone can help me here. I received an ALE transmission on 10733.6 kHz a few days ago. According to the ALE identifier (KWT92), the transmission belongs to the US Department of State. Does anyone have an idea which embassy or consulate this could be? Thank you very much.
  2. MikeTheListener

    DoS ALE Callsign "1"

    Hello all, every now and then I watch the ALE frequencies ( MIL-STD 188-141 )of the DoS (Department of State). Currently the European stations are quite active. I have noticed an ALE callsign that I can not assign, it is the "1". Does anyone have an idea who is behind this callsign? Thanks a...
  3. Z

    Programming Motorola P1821AX Repeater.

    Hope everyone is doing well. since the covid, I have been trying to get a repeater I have to program. I have been thru a long list of things, I have a Motorola P1821AX. I have a older dell which I have already installed FREEDOS on it, and when I try to read the radio RSS Version R06.00.05...
  4. Y

    [DSD+][Unitrunker]Issues with hearing decoded audio from DSD+

    Hello all! I currently have a setup of SDR# running with Unitrunker being fed the audio which is controlling SDRSharp. I used this for reference: So every little thing has been working just as I believe it should...except for the fact that I...
  5. T

    TK-250 Programming with Windows 7

    Hello all! I got a TK-250 and one TK-250(G) a while ago, but haven't done anything with them until recently. Anyway, I got the programming cable, a USB version- not USB-Serial adapter. I've tried using DosBox to run KPG23D and it works just fine except for the fact that the software won't...
  6. WQAJ741

    MDC 1200 muting on ht750

    Before anyone tells me to use the search function, I have... a lot....I have what I hope to be a simple question. I'm tired of hearing the MDC burst on my radio and want to mute it just to hear the chirp. (RX only) I've tried messing around with the DOS function but have had no luck. Every time...
  7. jtd97

    Kenwood KPG35D Problem

    I recently went to program my TK480. I went to boot the WIN98 into MS-DOS. After reading and completing all the instructions I started the install. I have used it on the same computer before. When it said it already existed I clicked, "WRITE OVER." Once it said, "INSTALLATION COMPLETE" I opened...
  8. F

    Programming ht1000 with win based cps.

    Would it be possible to program the HT1000 with the CPS software, I think the computer is 600 or 800 mhz with xp, which I think is too fast for dos based (not windowed)programming via rss. So is it possible to use cps programming? Thanks in advance.