1. Motoballa

    Dallas PD using 7/800 antenna on 460MHz....

    I rode out with my Dallas PD friend this past weekend and on a couple of our calls this one Officer tagged along and I noticed he had a 7/800 stubby on his APX, which granted the radio is dual band on UHF and 7/800, so it would make since if he's on their 800 analog system...But he wasn't. He...
  2. T

    Detroit Scanning

    Ive got a Unication G4 and I was wondering if there was a channel for Detroit that had state, county and city law enforcement traffic all together? Ive tried to monitor the Detroit City Wide channel but rarely get any action coming through. Maybe I didn't program it in correct? I currently...
  3. R


    I'm hearing DPS Tollway Units (NTTA) on the NCTCOG system. TG 60035. Regular patrol, accidents, traffic stops, etc. Don't know if it's temporary or not. Russell
  4. Motoballa

    Dallas FD Active Call List possibly being removed.

    My buddy works with Box 4 and informed me they are possibly removing the active call list for DFD. The last post as of right now on the Twitter was 14 hours ago, and it looks like on the active calls page Engine 53 has been out on this Gas Leak for about 5 hours now. Unsure of any reasons why...
  5. D

    DPD Call Signs

    Hey, I've been listening to the DPD scanner, and I can't quite get the callsigns. I know the first digit is the district, not sure what the other digits are. And I don't know what the letter at the end means either. Could anybody explain the different callsigns? Thanks.
  6. A

    Detroit Scanner Freqs and Radios

    Hi All, The live stream for Detroit Police Department is down, and has been for a while: Detroit Police Live Scanner Audio Feed I am a licensed amateur radio operator and member of our neighborhood radio patrol. I would like to monitor this, and potentially bring a feed back online. I...
  7. WU8Y

    Detroit police to dive back into precincts

    From the Free Press, 2 January 2010: I wonder how this move will affect the DPD's talkgroups on the MPSCS. Detroit police to dive back into precincts | freep.com | Detroit Free Press
  8. N0GTG

    Denver Public Safety Rebanding

    At 1730 today DPD made an ALLCALL for all units: the rebanding programming would be tested, and all units should observe the display on their radios to make sure they didn't remain on CC SCAN. It sounds as if the rebanded freq programming will take effect this Monday. I wonder, is it a safe...