1. MikeTheListener

    SDR# Looking for SDR Sharp PlugIns

    Hello, everyone, i have a question about the plug-ins for SDR Sharp. Is there a site on the net that offers a (preferably complete) overview of all plug-ins? Unfortunately, the Internet site "rtl-sdr.ru" no longer seems to be online. I'm mainly looking for plug-ins for the digital operating...
  2. R

    TRX-1: Not able to enter specific frequency

    Hi everyone It seems there is an error in all european bandplans (I activated FRA) since I am not able to program specific frequencies. Concerning PMR446 - Wikipedia Digital FDMA (more or less NXDN) channels: I cannot enter them, they get automatically corrected (wrongly). E.g. the range...
  3. R

    dsdplus does not decode this signal

    Hello! I've been trying to decode this signal for some time, which I think is dpmr gone but the dsdplus does not decode it. Have if among all we can and so add more systems to the decoding. Attachment web link download copy and paste in the browser. Thanks greetings...
  4. G

    dPMR/Analogue Compatible Radios

    Hi All, I am contemplating trying out the dPMR digital voice mode, to be clear I am NOT referring to DMR, but to the system as standardised in Europe as DPMR using the 446Mhz frequency range, that is FDMA (frequency division multiple access) using the AMBE+2 vocoder. I do not know if there is an...
  5. F

    Consider a Vocoder Beyond AMBE+2

    It seems Digital Voice Systems has a lock on the preferred vocoder for use in LMR equipment. DVS got IMBE into P25 years ago, and it is now won acceptance of the newer AMBE+2 vocoder. The excellent voice quality of the AMBE+2 has also captured the favored position in almost every standard...