edacs narrow

  1. 5

    P25 Phase 2 Help required

    Hello All, I'm Non US based radio addict, just recently police department in my city upgraded to P25 Phase 2 TDMA from UHF 800 MHz band 3 site EDACS system. I'm hopeful talk-groups and site structure will remains same and non encrypted. As of now i don't know frequencies or other...
  2. U

    edacs narrow

    Hi, I am new into trunking - I own a 396xt and while scanning the band I have bumped into a Edacs 'data sound'. I tried to set it up, but all I know is the one frequency I have scanned and that it's a Narrow type because I can see SID on my display when set to Narrow. But I don't know LCN.. Is...
  3. samlove

    Oncor Utilities Edacs System in Texas

    Has anyone successfully programmed the Oncor Utilities Co. system, Texas, in the GRE PSR-500? I have it programmed in, the Logical location of the frequencies is correct with the system type as narrow, (I have it working fine in my BCD396t), but my PSR-500 will not track the sytem and will not...