1. M

    Other Frequencies in Windsor-Essex?

    Does anyone know of any other frequencies/systems in the Windsor/Essex region that are not listed in the database?
  2. S

    OPP Repeater Tecumseh

    Hey guys, I'm very new to ham radio, just picked up a uv5r yesterday and am currently trying to listen to the Tecumseh opp repeater with no success. Was just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction on how to receive it if it's possible. Thanks
  3. N2SCV


    Listening to 155.100 ( Essex Co./Newark OEM) they're talking about checking Skynet to see where a car is stuck in water on Routes 1 & 9 and Jersey City reported it. Search on RR shows nothing. Anyone? Thanks.
  4. P

    Brand New BCD396xt - OPP Zone 1 - Downloaded from RR but ...No transmissions??

    Hello Scanning Professionals! I must admit.. I am brand new to scanning. So i purchased the best equipment (that i referenced) Uniden BCD396XT and signed up with Radio Reference for great forums and freq uploads. All i want to do is listen to Essex County (Windsor) area Ontario Provincial...