1. W


    Searching yesterday, I believe the new Terminal A RAMP FREQUENCY is 131.075. United appears to use 129.925 for Terminal A OPS.
  2. Salvatorejrc

    EWR Tower

    Did not want to put this in the aviation forum because I'd rather get answers from locals who scan the same stuff. I've never monitored any sort of aircraft or tower before so forgive me. I was wondering if and how I can receive EWR, JFK, Laguardia tower, departure, approach, all of that stuff...
  3. N2SCV

    Newark Tower 127.850

    127.850 is very active lately as Newark Tower for helicopters, not listed in RR at EWR, only ACY . Airnav.com lists it as this: CLASS B: 127.85(WITHIN 6.5 NM ARE TWR CONTROL 257.6(WITHIN 6.5 NM ARE TWR CONTROLL (sic).