1. R

    2019 Ford Explorer firewall

    I'm installing a Kenwood NX-700 2-way into a new (2019) Explorer. On this model the cable boot that runs through to the engine compartment is higher, behind the dash instruments. I'm looking for a wiring diagram on this vehicle (for power options). Or, suggestions to access the battery...
  2. D

    2013 Explorer Install

    Icom ID-5100a remote head and Whistler WS-1098 install on dash with Panavise Indash Custom Indash Mount with Pedestal mount and extension bracket. Comet B-10 dual band antenna. PC tel low profile 800mhz antennas.
  3. nc28478

    2008 Ford Explorer basic mobile shack

    1. Pro 197 with 800 mhz stubby antenna