fire tone out

  1. Maxagonzales

    Phoenix Regional Wireless Cooperative - Special Call

    Hello All, I just want to know what is a special call, is that for a fire dispatch or major incident? i found this on here Phoenix Regional Wireless Cooperative - Special Call - Tone A: 1555.2 Hz Tone B: 339.6 Hz I wonder if this will work here in tucson for tone a and b since they use a...
  2. sffire

    San Mateo County Fire Tone out.

    I am looking for Colma Fire, San Bruno Fire, fire tone out. I had them in my scanner, somehow they got erased. Is there a data base for fire tone outs for San Mateo County? Thank you.
  3. C

    Fire Tone Outs - Is this Quick Call?

    I'm trying to learn about fire tone outs. The departments in my county are toned out with a 1 second and 3 second tone. My understanding is that this is Quick Call II. But some people in the county, like fire coordinators and fire investigators, have their own tones which sound different...
  4. ffjb58

    Cape May County Tones

    Looking to set up my "fire tone out" on the scanner with the tones for Stone Harbor(NJ) and Avalon(NJ). I can't find anything anywhere as to what they are. Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction? Thanks!!
  5. Z

    FTO for Lincoln CO / North Platte area

    Does anyone have these? They're not listed on the wiki and Google isn't helping me much. Thank you.
  6. R

    Submitting Fire Tones

    Hi, I currently live in Huntsville AL, and I've compiled a list of tones for our local ambulance service. Does anyone have any idea how I can submit this list to the Fire Tone Out Database?
  7. M

    Stearns Fire Tone-Out Wiki Additions

    I've been working on Fire Tones for Stearns County over the last couple of days. I added updated tones for Avon, Sartell, and Melrose Ambulance to the wiki page. They are all confirmed using the tone-out feature on my 396XT. I don't know why Avon and Sartell have new tones. I only heard...
  8. B

    Gloucester County Fire Tone Out Codes

    Hey all, I am programming my BCD996XT with the freq's for Gloucester County and am trying to program the Fire/Rescue tone codes and am wondering if anyone has them already. I have a partial list compiled but could use someone to double check my work and fill in the blanks. Also is there a...
  9. T

    Cavet Fire Tone Outs

    Does Anyone know all the Calvert Fire Tone outs? I have been searching for them for a few days now and the only thing close i can find is Anne Arundel and Charles. The only tones I have got for sure are Ambulance 5, Ambulance 7, Engine 3 & CALS. If you have any tones could you please send them...
  10. F

    Lee County fire tone outs

    I'm looking for a list of the station/fire pager tones in Lee County Florida. I haven't found much for this county, although I was able to find a complete list of tone outs for Collier County. Does anyone know of any resources for this information? Thanks!