fire tone out

  1. ffjb58

    Cape May County Tones

    Looking to set up my "fire tone out" on the scanner with the tones for Stone Harbor(NJ) and Avalon(NJ). I can't find anything anywhere as to what they are. Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction? Thanks!!
  2. Z

    FTO for Lincoln CO / North Platte area

    Does anyone have these? They're not listed on the wiki and Google isn't helping me much. Thank you.
  3. R

    Submitting Fire Tones

    Hi, I currently live in Huntsville AL, and I've compiled a list of tones for our local ambulance service. Does anyone have any idea how I can submit this list to the Fire Tone Out Database?
  4. M

    Stearns Fire Tone-Out Wiki Additions

    I've been working on Fire Tones for Stearns County over the last couple of days. I added updated tones for Avon, Sartell, and Melrose Ambulance to the wiki page. They are all confirmed using the tone-out feature on my 396XT. I don't know why Avon and Sartell have new tones. I only heard...
  5. B

    Gloucester County Fire Tone Out Codes

    Hey all, I am programming my BCD996XT with the freq's for Gloucester County and am trying to program the Fire/Rescue tone codes and am wondering if anyone has them already. I have a partial list compiled but could use someone to double check my work and fill in the blanks. Also is there a...
  6. T

    Cavet Fire Tone Outs

    Does Anyone know all the Calvert Fire Tone outs? I have been searching for them for a few days now and the only thing close i can find is Anne Arundel and Charles. The only tones I have got for sure are Ambulance 5, Ambulance 7, Engine 3 & CALS. If you have any tones could you please send them...
  7. F

    Lee County fire tone outs

    I'm looking for a list of the station/fire pager tones in Lee County Florida. I haven't found much for this county, although I was able to find a complete list of tone outs for Collier County. Does anyone know of any resources for this information? Thanks!