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Nov 20, 2012
I currently live in Huntsville AL, and I've compiled a list of tones for our local ambulance service. Does anyone have any idea how I can submit this list to the Fire Tone Out Database?


Feb 8, 2012
Welcome to RR raine13c,

(If below I explain something you already know, please understand I am only trying to be clear, not insulting.)

Usually Fire Tone Outs are found or placed on the Wiki page for the specific community.

It looks like there are at least two RR Database (DB) entries for Huntsville, AL -- one for the conventional frequencies, the other for the Trunked Radio System (TRS).

To navigate there:
  • Click on "Databases" in the big blue navigation bar.
  • Click on "Frequency Database".
  • Click on the shape of Alabama in the US map.
  • Click on the shape of Madison County in the AL map.

  • Please notice three things at this point:
    • This database page contains the Conventional Frequencies for Madison County, etc. not the Trunked Information.
    • Notice over on the right side of the database page, in-line with the top of the map, is a blue-ish button labeled "Wiki". (It takes you to the Madison County (AL) wiki page.)
    • If you scroll down the database page to the bottom, you will find a list of Trunked Radio Systems in Madison County. In that list is Hunstville Public Safety Trunked System.
      • The Hunstville Public Safety Trunked Radio System (TRS) has its own blue-ish Wiki button that takes you to its own Wiki page, also, Hunstville Public Safety. This Wiki page has not yet been created.

Fire Tone Out (FTO) info for the conventional system would go on the Wiki page for the conventional system. And FTO info for the TRS would go on the TRS's wiki page.

The Wiki is edited by us, the RR members, whereas the RR DB is edited only the RR DBAs. You can navigate to the appropriate Wiki page and add the FTOs that you are ready to share.

A good place to start learning about Wiki-editing is on the Wiki's FAQ page. It has a link to the RR Wiki User Guide and other useful articles.

If you want to see other Wiki pages with FTO info, you can visit the FTO category page for a list of Wiki articles containing FTO information.

If you have questions about editing the Wiki, post your questions in the Wiki Forum. Many people who read that forum can give a helping hand, with advice, instruction, or maybe even helping to enter data into the Wiki.

Hope this helps,


NY/NJ Database Guy
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Oct 4, 2007
Usually Fire Tone Outs are found or placed on the Wiki page for the specific community.
To be clear, FTO's are always placed in the Wiki, they do not belong in the database. Please do not submit tones to the database, otherwise your submission will be rejected.
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