fire tones

  1. EMSguy06

    St. Louis County Fire Tones

    Hello- Wondering if anyone has Fire tones for South St. Louis County, MN. I see the ones for DuluthFD, but looking for other south end volunteer fire departments. Thanks!
  2. D

    Wake County Fire Departments Tone List

    Hi all, First time poster and amateur with all of this stuff here. I am looking for the tone-out list for the County Fire Departments, in Wake County, NC. Specifically, for Western Wake Fire Rescue. I am trying to get my personal pager programmed. I saw the earlier forum about this topic, and...
  3. LtChuck

    SDS 100 questions... power and decoding

    Contemplating acquiring a SDS 100 and have a few questions. Will the unit power up upon power being supplied from the external power input. I currently have a RS Pro 106 that powers up and starts operating when dc power is applied from a switch on the vehicles power control center (for...
  4. M

    Fire Tones - P25 Tones - Quick Call - Plectron

    All, I have searched HIGH AND LOW and I can NOT find the Fire Tones for Warren County - Massie Township. As a matter of fact - I can't even find a mp3 or wav recording of their tones so I can figure out the Hz myself. Can someone PLEASE help me with the tones for Massie Township in Warren...
  5. ffjb58

    Cape May County Tones

    Looking to set up my "fire tone out" on the scanner with the tones for Stone Harbor(NJ) and Avalon(NJ). I can't find anything anywhere as to what they are. Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction? Thanks!!
  6. S

    FTOs, any one?

    Hi there, I am trying to program many FTOs into my scanner, and I was wondering if anyone had a list for Lenawee County? Thanks!
  7. K

    Solano County Fire Tones

    Hey All, I've been playing with my new BCD996P2 Scanner. I've logged the following fire tone outs for Solano County. However I am noticing a slight deviation in the Hz of the tones. Could this be individual unit tones? There was a large grass fire about a week back which is where I logged most...
  8. M

    Frequency Discrepancy in FTO Feature

    Greetings forum members, I was wondering if I could get your input on an issue I am having with my 396XT Uniden FTO feature. Please bear in mind that I am not too knowledgeable in the radio/electronics department, so forgive me in advance if my questions are too easy. I am currently using the...
  9. L

    Knox Co Fire Tones

    I don't know if it was on this site or not, but I'm trying to find the alert tone numbers for Knox Co TN fire. Any body know where I can get them? Thanks JL
  10. T

    Cavet Fire Tone Outs

    Does Anyone know all the Calvert Fire Tone outs? I have been searching for them for a few days now and the only thing close i can find is Anne Arundel and Charles. The only tones I have got for sure are Ambulance 5, Ambulance 7, Engine 3 & CALS. If you have any tones could you please send them...
  11. T

    Greenfield Fire Tone-out codes

    Does anyone know the greenfield fire tone-out codes? I cant find them where i work, or havent found the right person to ask and i need my pager to be working.....
  12. medic29

    Champaign County Dispatch tones

    I'm curious if anyone has the dispatch tones for the local fire departments? I have a BCD996T and I can set it to Fire Tone Out and it will sit quiet until the fire tones and set off then it will open up. I'm not sure where to look so if anyone has any information I would appreciate it. Thanks
  13. J

    Contacting authors of Files

    I was wondering where I might find the author(s) of the files that are located under each particular county designation. Specifically, I am trying to locate the provider of the "Fire/Rescue Pager Tones" file for Volusia County, Florida. -Thanks!