fish and game

  1. marksroberson

    State of Alabama Game & Fish Division & EMA

    I acquired 4 Southern Linc radios. 2 of them have property tags from the Alabama Game & Fish Division, the other 2 radios have State of Alabama Property tags, judging by the Talk Groups in it, I believe they are EMA radios. Just wanted to give some info from them if it helps IF they switch from...
  2. N

    Fish and Game "switching to Nor Comm" ???

    a northern unit announced he was "switching to Nor Comm - to rest of you guys" as if QSY to different freq or band? what the hell does that mean ? what is nor comm ?
  3. T

    Montana Wildlife Tracking Collar Frequencies

    Does anyone have any confirmed Fish and Game wildlife tracking collar frequencies for northwestern Montana?
  4. brandon

    Fish and Game 159.420

    Sometimes I hear units on 159.420 calling Surcom but do not hear the dispatcher acknowledge them on that freq. I thought they would be on 151.430 but this remains silent even when 159.420 is being used. Is there a different repeater output freq or am I missing something here?