1. P

    (Novice) Preparing 28 UHF Police/EMS XTS3000 Model II For Sale. What Needs To Be Done?

    Hello All. While I have an Engineering/RF Technician (military satellites for Lockheed) background, I don't have much experience with surface radio. I recently purchased 38 Motorola XTS3000 units plus extra accessories at a local Police/Fire/EMS auction. I'll list as many details that I think...
  2. N

    APX Checking Valid Flashcode

    How would I be able to check if a flashcode is valid and that the options are all compatible with each other? There are sites out there that will let you generate flashcodes with any options but won’t necessarily be valid with Motorola. The flashcode is 9GXY6g-11sE91-9 for an APX8000.
  3. W

    Flash Upgrade in Kansas?

    Good Evening, Is there anywhere in Kansas that offers flash upgrading on a XTS5000? If not, is there anyone that you recommend that could help me with it? I believe I can get the other programming figured out, but may need some help with it along with changing the flashcode.
  4. SlipNutz15

    QA01749 question

    My county is going to a new digital conventional system. They ordered Motorola APX6000's with Flashcode #108040A040003 which shows: Q806 ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation QA00572 Primary Band: UHF Range 2 QA01749 Legacy SW System Key Enable QA01833 Extreme 1-Sided Noise Reduction Q507 12.5 kHz...
  5. T

    Credibility of flash

    Hello, I stumbled across a XTS5000R that was for sale with a flashcode of 5A9008-101F87-7. It claims to have trunking AND fpp. I contacted the seller and they said that "You just have to keep the trunking and FPP in separate zones". It has R17.02 firmware and dsp. Is this a new option with...