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    Chinese authorities initiated crackdown on foreign ADS-B receivers

    Chinese authorities initiated crackdown on foreign ADS-B receivers due to “National security”. https://discussions.flightaware.com/t/chinese-authorities-initiated-crackdown-on-foreign-ads-b-receivers/42751/34
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    Analyzing Flightradar24's API structure

    Interesting reading on how FR24 takes the ADS-B data and display's it on their website map. Analyzing Flightradar24's API structure. http://blog.cykey.ca/post/88174516880/analyzing-flightradar24s-internal-api-structure Airlines & Airports Then, the app then proceeds to get a list of the...
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    App Shootout - FlightRadar24 vs. Planefinder

    App Shootout: FlightRadar24 vs. Planefinder Reviewing the ADS-B data coverage on both Apps. March 22, 2013 Take a look at the phone or tablet of any aviation geek, and you probably find the same apps time and time again: FlightAware for general flight information, LiveATC for aircraft radio...
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    Flightradar24.com Now Offers Playback of Aircraft with ADS-B.

    Flightradar24.com now offers playback of ADS-B aircraft flights! Press the LIVE button and get a big surprise! You can now playback FR24 recorded flights for up to 14 days commencing from a selected time. Just hit the "Live" button to expose the calendar and start the playback. Should come...