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    Finding a School's bus frequency on a Radio Shack Pro-2036 scanner..

    I can't seem to find a bus frequency I "want" on this site, could someone help me? E-mail me to respond **I want it to be private for safety reasons** My e-mail: (spam e-mail) Let me know. Thanks!
  2. K

    Need help with frequency in S West PA

    I've been monitoring a frequency (463.550Mhz) here in Beaver county that has been active, especially during weather and rush hour. Now so far, I 've noticed a lot of PL codes in use. There are three agencies in the area that have a license: Aliquippa (Beaver co) West Penn Hospital (Allegheny...
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    TRS Pro-2018...Help

    My father-in-law has this Radio Shack 200 channel scanner (Pro-2018) and I get to program it for Port Orchard WA. I have the book for it. I need to know where to look for what frequencies are out there for police, fire, WSP, sheriff, transit, marine distress, search and rescue, foss tugs...