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    yaesu ft-60r problem after mod

    so just did the transmit mod i got form KB2LJJ Radio Mods Database and Manuals and my radio now only powers on when it wants to. for instance if i have it on and then turn it off it wont turn back on for maybe an hour or so. no clue what the deal is, two of my buddies have done this to theirs...
  2. Y

    FT-60R problem

    Hi all first time poster here. I just received a new Yaesu FT-60r last night from the antenna farm. It initially did not turn on so I figured that battery was completely discharged. I charged it overnight with the supplied charging cable. This morning the Unit was noticeably warm but still did...
  3. B

    My Antenna Installed

    Thanks for everybody's help. Comet UHF VHF GP-3 antenna 5' EMT pipe primed & painted white 18" Clearance heavy duty wall mount 100' of CNT-400 ~20' gauge 6 ground wire to a 8' 5/8" ground rod FT-7800 & FT-60r ~300' above sea level
  4. K

    Motorola Type II SmartZone?

    Hello, I'm looking for a 144/440 that will pickup (RX) Motorola Type II SmartZone systems (IE: Law Enforcement) Would the Yaesu FT-60R or the Yaesu VX-7R receive on Motorola Type II SmartZone frequencies? 73's!! KC2VLC -Mike
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    Buying a portable

    I work ems out in suffolk county and am interested in buying a portable to take with me to the different jobs i work. I was looking at the FT-60R by yaesu. Will this work for most of the departments? and can i scan the frequencies i have stored in it???? I am new to this so take it easy on me....