full spectrum

  1. S

    Chicago area Wideband SDR MIMO successfully demonstrated before Tadhack 2015

    Hello All, The following Full Duplex SDR devices, manufactured & assembled out of the Chicago area, was successfully demonstrated before this past weekend's TadHack 2015 hosted @ the Illinois Institute of Technology. https://goo.gl/7xJL70 = (The SDR MIMO has a 3 1/2 - 4 story verticle RF...
  2. OK2BCK

    Communications Receiver 'Full spectrum' covered - antennas selection plan

    Dear enthusiasts, long story short: How to get satisfactory results covering spectrum 100kHz - 2GHz using maximum of 5 antennas? I realise that there will be great loss on big ranges of frequencies in between 'tuned' lengths of antennas but my goal is to have a good gain on all the...