garland pd/fd

  1. hiegtx

    Garlanad and Mesquite to Upgrade systems

    This was in last Saturday's Dallas Morning News. "Upgrading communications systems is hitting city and county budgets east of Dallas hard, but emergency management and information technology officials say improvements are vital." Full article: Garland, Mesquite defend joint plan to fund...
  2. F

    Garland PS

    I have a BCD396t and I have been trying to get Garland (Dallas County TX) to come up in a Motorola typ2 smartnet. I have tried it by loading just the control frequencies and than loading all frequencies and nothing. I loaded the frequencies in conventional and I hear them but I'm still getting...
  3. gbeauw

    New Pro106 unable to receive Garland PD/FD

    I've double checked the TSYS and TGRP objects for the Garland PD/FD and everything looks fine when compared them to the current Radio Reference DB for Garland, TX but I still never hear anything but static. I get the "T" symbol indicating I'm getting the control channel(s) but when one of the...