gre psr-600

  1. W

    PRS-600 Power Problem

    I have a "used" GRE PSR-600 that is having problems turning on. When I turn it on the light flashes, goes black and all I hear is a clicking sound. It take A LOT of trying just to get it on, so I never turn in off. Any idea what might be wrong. PS: I cannot afford a new one.
  2. F

    OKWIN Reception Problem

    Hello All, I've been having a great deal of trouble hearing OKWIN in my car travelling around Oklahoma City. In certain areas, especially around I-240 and the Warr Acres area, I get all sorts of static. Is this simply simulcast interference? Is there a way around this? I use a phantom elite 800...
  3. KG5KS

    Can one software program both RS / UNIDEN ?

    I'm using a trial version of software that came with RS usb adapter for RS 2096 digital scanner. I would like to have ONE SOFTWARE PACKAGE that will program the digital trunking scanners such as RS PRO-197, PRO-2096, UNIDEN 396, Uniden 996T , GRE 600 etc.. Is there a full featured programming...
  4. J

    GRE PSR 600 Software

    I realize that the cost of computer software for the 600 is fairly cheap, I would like to only buy one program. Besides the 600, I have a BC330T that I am using with ScanControl. Features I am looking for include: ease of use, hit logging, audio recording, and good customer support. I am...