1. K

    Grounding question on indoor vertical

    Hello Gentlemen. Newer ham here. I searched around but did not get a solid answer on this. I have an attic-mounted Diamond X50a that is fed with LMR400 down to the second floor of my house. It has worked very well for me so far. I am not experiencing any noise or hum currently (although I did...
  2. Sheepdog777

    IF: Low Frequency (LF) RF Travels Through the Earth/Water AND: Heat = Infrared (IR) (300 GHz - 400 THz) The Same... THEN: Why Not HF/MF/VHF/UHF/SHF ?

    Hello Hams and Radio Enthusiasts, So, upon my ongoing research regarding Underground Buried Earth Antennas (UNDERGROUND BURIED EARTH ANTENNAS &, I have received many conflicting responses. But, as with so many...
  3. A

    Grounding a Tram 1481 dual band antenna

    Hi All, I'm new to amateur radio and I'm trying to set up my shack and could use your help. I bought a Tram 1481 antenna and plan to mount it on the side of my covered roof back porch. The porch is 20 feet off the ground, since my house is on a hill that slopes down behind it. The supports...
  4. darthgarlic

    Antenna Grounding?

    I have installed a Discone antenna on my roof. Am I supposed to earth ground the mount frame on the antenna? The mount is a TV antenna mount if that matters.
  5. R

    RF Noise

    I recently put a 29 LX in my truck as well as a mag mount Wilson 1000. With the truck not running, there is hardly any static even with the RF gain cranked up. But with the truck running, the only thing I hear is a popping or cracking sound that's relative to engine rpm. I disconnected the...
  6. oceans777

    PAR EF-SWL grounding improvement

    After a year running the PAR EF/SWL as a sloper in default configuration (#1 and #2 posts shorted together on the network box) with no ground at the box (I have a coax ground at the house near the receivers) I finally grounded the #2 post over the weekend. I had great reception before but below...
  7. K

    How to ground a Mac

    For some reason, when I have my MacMini connected via USB to a serial port on my Elecraft K3 transceiver, there is a ground voltage variance that is causing havoc with the transceiver and burning out the choke. I have been advised by Elecraft to effect star grounding scheme with the Mac and the...
  8. M

    Radio transmission from LEO

    Hello, my team and I are launching a cube sat into space. We are fairly new to radio and are not sure what radio transmitters or receivers to use. We would need to transmit to a distance of about 251 miles, we can have a fairly large ground station, but the transmitter and receiver would need to...
  9. BlueDevil

    Antenna Ground Options

    I have a question regarding antenna grounding options. I am looking to have a single UHF Repeater Antenna on top of a 4 story building. The antenna will be mounted to the side of a elevated portion of the building/roof which is just about in the middle of the building with a fairly large...
  10. TheElkScanner

    Antenna Radials

    What would be some cons to using 1 ground radial instead the standard 4. If 1 ground radials works perfect, why would I need to use 4? This will be on a VHF antenna
  11. M

    ICOM-R75 power supply causing interference to itself?

    Hi all, I became the owner of an ICOM-R75 awhile back, great radio, love it. There seems to be one problem though... Right now the antenna I'm using on the R75 is a Par EndFedZ, seems to work well with the radio, it is strung up about 45 feet. But when I'm scanning through frequencies, every few...
  12. Deziel0495

    Need help with Ground Loop Isolator

    I purchased a ground loop isolator from Scannermaster (Isolator Cable Male To Male) to try and help with a hum and general background noise on my feed. However, when I plug it in, it silences the feed completely. Even if I turn all my volume levels all the way up, you can barely hear anything...
  13. M

    Grounding Diamond V2000A Base Antenna

    I just assembled a 33 foot Penniger tilt mast on a piece of 4x4 wood cemented in the ground. I mounted my Diamond V2000A 6m/2m/70cm Base Antenna at the top and ran a 100 foot coil of RG-8 with two PL-259's, one connected to the Diamond and the other rolled up at the bottom of the mast...
  14. DFD1994

    Dallas Fireground Repeated/Admin

    So I have scanned Dallas/Ft. Worth for several years but for some reason I have missed the Dallas Fire frequency that is listed as "Repeated Fireground/Admin" at 453.67500 with a tone of 131DPL. I am guessing I have missed this because it is never used but I was curious to know if anyone has...
  15. J

    Help Please! SSB antenna grounding/reception

    I am on a sailboat in the Bahamas with no way to get weather. My SSB receiver is not receiving very well. I have a portable SSB receiver [Kaito KA1103]. I need it for weather reports, otherwise all I can do is look at the sky [not good]. I am not getting reception on the channels and times as...
  16. AK9R

    Connecting multiple ground rods

    I recently moved into a new house and I'm getting ready to start my antenna projects. The builder's electrician installed two copper ground rods which are about 10 feet apart and bonded together. The rods are located near the electric service entrance (meter) and there's a ground wire that runs...
  17. A

    Trouble Locating Groundblock for PL-259/SO-239

    Hello, I've currently got my scanner connected to a CB Antenna mounted on side of my roof. Currently I don't have it grounded and would very much like too. I'm looking for a ground block with SO-239 connectors. F Groundblock's can be had pretty cheaply, but I don't want to mess with too...