group scanning

  1. K

    Kenwood: TM-V71A group scan function

    Has anyone used the group scan function in the TM-V71A? How easy is it to use? What would you recommend as the maximum number of channels per group to be scanned (the manual says you can put 100 in a group, but then I think it would take too long to finish each cycle). I'm considering buying...
  2. C

    BCD996XT: Scanning Group channels...excluding site frequencies.

    I have not been able to find help on this anywhere. To preface...let me paint a picture of my system. I have a Trunked System Setup, specifically, the LA County ICIS System Interagency Communications Interoperability System (ICIS) Trunking System, Various, California - Scanner Frequencies I am...
  3. n0evh

    Kenwood D710A group scanning

    I have about 50 VHF freqs in group 0 and about 50 UHF freqs in group 1. Is there a way I can let the left side and right side of the radio display scan only one of those groups? Have looked in the manual but you know how that can be? Geeze I am getting old! John N0EVH