1. D

    Broome County NY Channels

    I am having trouble getting channels for a uniden bcd996p2. I used radioreference and imported into the freescan. Before hand I paid the company I bought it from to program. It just had 1 channel at the bottom. Now it has multiple channels and some channels come and some don't. I was wondering...
  2. VA3YRM

    Sites systems groups, etc.

    Hello, Being new to scanning, the question I have is probably simple: For both conventional and trunked: What is the definition of a system? What is the definition of a site? What is the definition of a group? What is the definition of a department? What is the definition of a channel? How...
  3. Disk4mat

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Systems, Sites & Groups: Organize without Duplicating?

    So Im still rather new. Been scanning with the BCD996P2 and love it. I feel like I now have all the basics down and spend more time enjoying than fiddling. But I do have a question that I cant seem to solve on my own. I would like to achieve having a separate system for: Police, Fire and EMS...
  4. C

    Bug? unable to turn on group if all groups got turn off in a single system

    Have BCD325P2 Scanner ... If turn off all the groups in a conv system I am unable to turn back on any of the groups in that sytem. Example: 4 Conventional systems programmed (using freescan) and turned on: S0: 1234------ GRP1234567890 Turn off systems 1,2,4 (by pressing keys 124) leaving...
  5. carddude99

    Shortwave radio user groups

    I own a Eton e1 but had to send it to drake for repair (Duh) and since it was under warranty, I did just that. We all know it is a great radio but this one sometimes did key lock and had screen display issues so I finally sent it in while it was still covered. So I bought alot of new radios...
  6. M

    HELP! Group, Systems & Quick Keys for Dummies

    PROGRAMMING FOR DUMMIES Problem: Need help on understanding Groups, Systems and Quick Keys. I have had scanners for decades. I cant seem to wrap my head around the concepts of Groups... Systems and Quick Keys. I'm stuck back in the days of "banks" of channels. I keep reading manuals and online...