1. alex4659

    Gwinnett DTRS Question?

    Ive noticed that hall county SO is incrypted on the DTRS and so is gwinnett PD along with all the other city PD's. the only difference is that hall county DTRS sheriffs office is in the database but Gwinnett DTRS has no police dept's listed in its DTRS my question is why do the database admin...
  2. alex4659

    Gwinnett County DTRS

    Is GCPD and other county law enforcement agencies on this system yet? Because the DTRS in the database does not have any talk groups ID's for PD's, Just FD... But I know that GCPD has gone digital but dont know why the DTRS hasn't been updated? Could someone update it if possible please...
  3. alex4659

    Gwinnett County connect tone???

    hi, does any one know what the connect tone is for the Gwinnett Co smartnet TRS? and also, to listen to and smartnet / zone systems you have to select it right? oh, and i have a moto astro saber thanks, Alex