1. A

    BC125AT: Are there any fun hardware hacks for this radio? Diode removal to open up 220 for listening to the ham band? Other fun stuff with a soldering iron?

    Are there any fun hardware hacks for this radio? Region diode removal to open up 220 for listening to the ham band or other bands? Any other fun stuff I can do with a soldering iron on the BC125AT? context: The BC125AT ships with the ability to listen to 225 - 380 mhz, but this excludes 220-222...
  2. A

    Baofeng BF-888S Frequency Expansion

    Hello. Just got a Baofeng BF-888S and was wondering if there's any way to do a frequency expansion so that I could program it for frequencies not in the 400-470MHz range. I looked around online and found nothing but frequency expansions for the UV-5R. Thanks.
  3. Explodinglemur

    $30 sdr rx

    I'm surprised the RTL-SDR hasn't shown up here yet. It's a DVB-T USB dongle that has a nifty feature, the receiver IC can be set to send the I/Q streams raw over USB to the host computer. There's a GNURadio driver for it. It only has an 8-bit A/D but can run up to about 2.8Msamples/sec...
  4. linkinpark9812

    Spectra 16 channel scan limit HACKED!!!

    Just posted this on batboard a couple of minutes ago, but it has to be approved first..... Comments and Questions are welcome! ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I have programmed it without a problem. Here is the deal with front programming. If you have zone slaved for both priority and non...
  5. linkinpark9812

    Over 16 scanning Spectra Codeplug!

    Well, it looks like we are on the verge of this happening EASILY. This happened to someone else on batlabs. It has now happened to me and I saved the codeplug. I already posted this on batlabs, so here is what I said so far: and this is the next post, but as of the posting of this topic, it...