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    Just got a pro 164 need some assistance regarding its features

    Hello everyone thank you for reading this i just got a pro 164 and it came with the rubber duck antenna got a diamond rh77ca antenna as a upgrade heard it does good for police scanning and how would i do for armature bands would it be a upgrade im familiar with scanners seems like the 164 covers...

    Vxr-7000 out of band durability and HAM BAND ?'s

    Hello everyone this is my first post here ive been lurking bat labs and radio reference for a while now. i have a vxr 7000 ua and i have taken it out of band using the dealer mode. (-d") now what i have programmed on my repeated is 430 rx 435 tx . i have adjusted the tx power amount to 127...
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    New FB Group 220 MHz Radio Group

    We want YOU to join the 220 Group. Public group for the promotion of the 220 MHz Radio frequency for amateur radio use. Share your favorite 220 repeater, 220 install photos, 220 products you use and 220 stories. Welcome and enjoy! https://www.facebook.com/groups/220MHzRadioGroup/
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    VX-5500 Amateur

    I acquired several VX-5500's…can they easily be programmed for amateur frequencies? To be more specific I have the VHF split radios.
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    Rag Chew Group For Amateur Ops/Hams

    I am trying to start a late night rag chew group using the SCHEART system....if you can get into one of the repeaters listed on their website then please do so and use DTMF *71 to link your repeater to the Conference back-up reflecter....the Rag chew late night insomniac group will start @ 11pm...
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    CB Frequencies for st.paul,mn area for pro-96

    I am having a hard time getting any cb/ham freqencies on my radio. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get these? Please help. Tom
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    Vertex vx-800 going into ham bands?

    can a vx-800 450-490 Mhz radio go into the 440 MHZ without the hex? I've heard a few go into 444.000 but thats as low as it goes anybody with any luck?