1. L

    Capital Health-MICU (Paramedic's)

    Hello All, For those that live in South-West NJ, I was wondering if anyone would happen to have the TG or system that the Capital Health EMS, aka MICU paramedics get dispatched on in Mercer County or the Southern area of Ocean County? I have found the TG in the Mercer County TRS for Capital...
  2. I

    Can I listen to HFD/HPD With a P25 Compatible Scanner?

    Well, I was looking through the Hamilton frequencies. I know the Hamilton Fire - Simplex ( 868.45000 ) is encrypted, but what about these other frequencies? I clicked on Hamilton Project 25 Phase 1 and noticed these other frequencies like HFD Dispatch, TAC 2, TAC 3, TAC 4, TAC 5. Are these...
  3. I

    Hamilton Paramedics Status 4?

    So I was monitoring the Hamilton Paramedics Vehicular Repeater 4 (413.8625) when I heard tones and an "attention all Supervisors, Paramedics, and staff status 4 at 13:37" or something like that. What is a status 4? It's not the tones you would hear on the HEMS transport frequency too, it's some...
  4. I

    Can I listen to Hamilton EMS on scene of calls?

    Alright. I have a BC125AT. I have some HEMS frequencies programmed, they are: HEMS Dispatch - 150.5750 HEMS Transport - 150.6950 I can only hear transmissions from the HEMS Transport 150.6950 frequency. The transmission include a quick tone at the start, then says something like "2031, Code 4...
  5. R

    DSDplus files for Niagara, Hamilton, Halton, Toronto?

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask but does anyone have a DSDPlus.networks and DSDPlus.frequencies for Niagara, Hamilton, Halton and Toronto that they wish to share? My main goal is Niagara for getting started and then I plan to slowly expand from there. I'm having difficulty...
  6. A

    Hamilton Fire

    So I've been looking around and did not see any talk about Hamilton Fire, are they fully encrypted or is there simulcast available? i see in the DB that all their TACS seem to be encrypt. but saw that dispatch had Simulcast, wondering if anyone is still able to listen to them?
  7. E

    Newbie Help

    Hi guys, I am new to all this radio stuff, and was looking into possibly buying a scanner. I would like to be able to listen to most of the channels in the Hastings County area in Ontario, as well as other parts of Ontario (Hamilton, Burlington, etc.). Could anyone recommend me a fairly cheap...
  8. M

    Moved to Burlington996XT not receiving Bell Fleetnet

    Scanner: Bearcat BCD996XT Firmware: 1.07.03 Freescan 2.17 Import from Radio Reference Trunked. Have used this scanner for years near London and programed it using the import feature of Freescan via Radio Reference. Moved to Burlington and have been banging my head against the wall as to why...
  9. radioscan

    Officer Down in Hamilton

    0713 Local 155.5500 Butler County Fire Dispatch BRICS TGID Hamilton Fire Officer down with gunshot wound, subject down with gunshot wound. Multiple Hamilton Fire and Medic units dispatched [Batallion 20] Calling in a helicopter. LZ at Butler County Regional Airport
  10. J

    Hamilton NJ EMS

    Looking for information about Hamilton Townships EMS and Fire. I see the channels listed but can anyone confirm what the operating channels are for RWJ EMS in Hamilton (Dispatch and Operating) as well as the fire department. Thanks
  11. radioscan

    Butler County P-25 Public Safety System

    This is the start of a STICKY for the new Butler County P-25 Public Safety System. This new system is expected to be fully operational on December 31, 2008. This system has already been created for the rr database and is currently staged. When activity starts to pick up I will release it for...
  12. kf4lhp

    Chattanooga / Hamilton County Rebanding

    Note that this also affects Catoosa County as well... Applications are either pending or have been approved for rebanding of the Chattanooga / Hamilton County system. In the simulcast zone (Lookout / Signal / White Oak / Sale Creek Mountains), these frequencies will be added to replace the 11...