1. E

    Hdsdr and Am radio bands

    Can anyone help me with this? I am not sure why I cannot receive anything on the am bands. I am really fairly new to sdr, but I am able to recieve all other bands, and I am running a random longwire with Rtl-sdr and Hdsdr. I can get Fm, Ham bands etc, but not a single Am station. I have looked...
  2. Afedri LAN-IQ SDR

    Afedri LAN-IQ SDR

    Selling seldom used Afedri LAN-IQ SDR. This is a very versatile standalone SDR that shows 768 KHz of spectrum as a standalone, and 2.2 MHz when connected to a LAN and accessed via SDR Console or HDSDR. Exceptionally sensitive on VHF and above. I never used it for HF reception. It covers 50 KHz...
  3. J

    EXTIO plug-in for the RSPduo now available

    SDRplay have announced the release of the ExtIO plugin for the RSPduo. This release uses the latest API (v3.01) which has also been updated. The plugin will work both in single tuner as well as dual tuner mode so multiple applications can use the same RSPduo at the same time. The plugin...
  4. J

    More Video Guides to SDRplay RSPs

    The latest edition of TX Factor is an "SDR special" - it includes an intro into setting up an RTL-SDR dongle and shows the RSP2 and RSP1A in action at recent UK events - you can view it on https://youtu.be/tcf9IQQ2bGo The latest version of SDRuno now has preset ham band buttons to "auto-range"...
  5. J

    Managing HDSDF Squelch From Keyboard

    Hi. I see on YouTube that it's possible to set the squelch in HDSDR by clicking the S-meter. However, I need to know what setting(s) that sets so I can set them via the keyboard. Thanks.
  6. C

    HDSDR with a 820T2 dongel problems

    I have a 820T2 dongle connected with HDSDR on an HP laptop. I used ZADIG 2.2 drivers and then installed DSD+. The input is Cable A and the output is Speakers. When the radio comes up everything looks great. I tried 2M because I have a FT-60 and when I transmit Simplex it shows up on the sound...
  7. M

    HDSDR: Feature or Bug?

    Hi Folks Preamble: This is maybe just an odd thing that could be ignored. But I would be interested in ideas about what is really happening. WITHOUT powering up your SDR (assuming it works off a power supply like, e.g. the Softrock). WITHOUT plugging in your USB cable ONLY connection from...
  8. S

    HDSDR Notch Filter

    For most experienced software edfined radio users already know what this is. For you that are brand new to the sdr hobby I have a short demo to show you on HDSDR's notch filter usage. Not really explaining it. RR people will explain it. this thread is basically a FYI thing. You can watch the...
  9. K

    HDSDR Display Question

    For someone who is new to software defined radio in general and HDSDR in particular... Would someone be kind enough to explain what the two displays outlined in red are and if/how they are different from the top two displays? :confused: Thanks.
  10. fleef

    Dumb question re: RTL-SDR using HDSDR

    Hi- I just received the ezcap RTL TV DVB-T USB dongle in the mail- direct from China. Total time from ordering online to my mailbox was less than 9 days. I installed HDSDR, got it going (took hours and hours of reading the instructions, settings, and figuring out why no sound coming out of my...
  11. beischel

    HDSDR - Where does it store the Freq Manager File?

    Anyone know where HDSDR stores the Frequency Manager file? I looked everywhere (at least I think I did) and even turned on the hidden file display and nothing. Any help appreciated and thanks in advance!
  12. B

    Video intro to receiving HF with Software Defined Radio

    Hi folks, I'd like to share this video I recently put together that demonstrates how one can use Software Defined Radio to receive HF. I analyse a number of interesting/unusual signals (e.g. STANAG, DRM, OTH RADAR) by putting them through various pieces of software (e.g. HDSDR, GNU Radio...