helicopter rescue

  1. mkewman

    Med Evac Helicopters in Sacramento

    I've been monitoring Med-evac Helicopters for some time on the Public Safety side, and on Helo to Helo frequencies, but I'm trying to get a better understanding of how things work here in Sacramento on the Aviation frequencies, and since I took a little hiatus from the hobby to dedicate more...
  2. qlajlu

    Rescue - Little Cottonwood Cyn

    I am copying Air Med on LZ 1 (TG17184) UCAN site 2 (CC 868.1125) directing S & R to a stranded "hiker" in the Little Cottonwood Canyon area on an active rescue. Right now Air Med is setting down on the road. Sure seems like there are a lot of people getting into trouble in the Cottonwood...