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  1. F

    Question about coverage area.

    Hello, I am kinda new to this whole thing, I just bought a Uniden Bearcat BC125AT. After I bought it, I looked at the frequency I would use. Then i looked at the coverage map provided by RadioReference. I looked at the map and it showed the coverage area, that is when I noticed that I was barley...
  2. M

    Anybody Got a Premium Broadcastify Account that doesn't mind getting me a feed archive from today please?

    Hello, I just came home from a funeral viewing to turn on my scanner to hear something about a death and the word suicide mentioned. I didn't hear the beginning or where this "happened" at. I was wondering if a premium member could give me a hand please and get me an archive from today so I...
  3. D

    Buying a scanner for York county

    I am wanting to purchase a handheld scanner to monitor York county sheriff as well as the fire departments and municipal police departments. I live within York county so range should not be an issue. I was hoping someone could give me some good suggestions on what type of scanner I need to look...
  4. S

    Antenna design for School Project

    Hello all, We are working on a school project in which we were tasked to design an FM receiver antenna that receives signals at frequencies between 900 Mhz and 1000 Mhz. What are some potential antenna builds/dimensions we should research? Where should we start? Thanks in advance, Sean & Raven
  5. A

    BCT15X: BCT15X Programming cable

    Hi everyone, I own a bct15x, and have recently been having problems with the programing cable, it just stops working. Ive tried changing com ports and Ive tried several different programs. Once I buy a new cable there are no problems for a little while then it starts happening again where it...
  6. N

    PRO-651 (P25) Doublecheck -- Am I going crazy? - Broken? - Need Antenna?

    I'm new to scanning. My little brother is in love with firetrucks, police etc. and has begged our family to get him a scanner, so I've bought this for him and I'm trying to get this thing figured out so he can hear stuff going on. I've read the "Factory" RadioShack .pdf manual...
  7. T

    Dual beeps during dispatch transmission

    Recently, anytime dispatch broadcasts on our EMS channel, there are dual beeps that are included every ~10 seconds over tones and voice, only when dispatch broadcasts, not other mobiles/portables. They only come on this channel (Motorola Centracom broadcasts on 6 channels total, all VHF except...
  8. mijo

    New at trunking need help

    Hello I have a Pro-93 radio shack scanner i have had it for many years but just used it for regular scanning i was informed that Pawnee county,ks now uses some trunking. so i set one of my banks to trunking MOT but i am not hearing anything so not sure if i set it up correctly the closet place...
  9. W

    220 MHz repeater

    Does any ham in the Albany area want to help set a 220 MHz repeater in the area . I can apply for the frequency pair. We could use donations or repeater equipment . If anybody is interested in helping out putting up a 220 repeater in Albany ny area let me know . Would like to try and get it up...
  10. T

    Complete Newbie needs some help

    Hi, I purchased a Uniden BC125AT just so I could monitor my local police, fire, etc. communications. This is the first time I have ever used a scanner. I went to this website to find the frequencies for programming my scanner. The first frequency for my PD is: 853.77500. When I try to...
  11. D

    Cleveland County/Shelby PS system

    I'm running a Uniden Bearcat BCD996XLT and downloaded the system from here, RR, and cannot hear anything. Anyone have any suggestions? Reasons? I pick up stuff on the old vhf frequencies, both sides of the conversation, but nothing on the new P25 Simulcast system, not a thing. Really interested...
  12. M

    New with the Grundig Satellit-750

    Hello there! I am new to this site and relatively new to shortwave. I used to listen on an old handheld my dad had, but recently upgraded to a Grundig Satellit-750. I've tried using it before but have had a hard time picking up frequencies on SW, LW, and SSB (FM and AM are no problem at all)...