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  1. cornbread33

    Accepting Money for Broadcast ?

    As you all know it is quite expensive to buy equipment to Broadcast with. My Question is , would it be wrong or Violate RR guidelines to accept donations for providing a Feed ? I am currently disabled and do not have a Income and I'm just trying to Prepare for the future and the cost of...
  2. J

    LED color on pro 197

    How do i program the LED to show a different color for PD, FD, EMS on the pro 197? Also all of a sudden today it's like the conversation cuts out mid sentence? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  3. J

    can't hear my own county?

    I have a pro 197 programmed with the frequencies I want using software from RS. I can hear State Police but can't hear anything from Switzerland county FD, EMS or Police? I uploaded about 20 objects all at once to scanlist 1, did I do something wrong & can anyone help me figure out why I'm not...
  4. J

    PRO 197 new user needs help

    I have the pro 197 & it is way to complicated for me! All I want to do is pick up 2 county police, ems, DNR & state police. How do I enter the frequency #, & how do I find & scan just those after I do? Please help, thanks!
  5. T

    My brand new AOR 3600 MII

    Hello everyone.. I have just brought a brand new shiny 3600 and I need help to answering the following: I live on a top floor apartment and I am not allowed to put my attenna on the roof! I have access to the loft but what sort or attenna would I need to go up there? At the moment I am using a...
  6. F

    Monroe county-Monroe ambulance

    Does anyone know what the freq and pl code for "old monroe" is? This is the ch. they used prior to moving from smith st I think. I have 186.2 but not hearing anything when I key up on the ch. Thanks in advance!
  7. djoelmyers

    HELP! Pro-162

    I purchased the pro-162 and took it to radio shack. They hooked it up to their computer and programmed it for me! However, Its not picking up the 800's.. It does the 100's but not the 800's. The 800's are in bank three: BANK 3: CH0: 866.20000 CH1: 866.75000 CH2: 867.45000 CH3: 868.13750 CH4...
  8. U

    HELP - Pro-97 Trunking and Motorolla programming

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-97 scanner but dont have the programming cable or the Pro-97 software at this time. I'm trying to program it to carry the frequencies for the Friendswood VFD along with the FVD's of surrounding areas. I cleared the device to factory default and have gotten all of the...
  9. B

    Progrom problen with the BC346XT

    I bought this scanner for a friend and been trying to program it now for 13 days now. I got a CD with the scanner that told me to go to, I clicked on the link to go to the frequencies, I clicked the download, and it promper me to buy a membership, than to download ProScan. But...
  10. car7858

    New Owner, Chesterfield, Macmomb County, Michigan

    Hello, My name is Carl & I live in Chesterfield, Macomb County, Michigan. I just recently received this nice scanner as a gift but I am having alot of difficulty using it. I loaded Freescan .9 and I have Premium Membership with Radio Reference. I had downloaded the Macomb County Trunked Freqs I...