HELP - Pro-97 Trunking and Motorolla programming

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Aug 14, 2009
I have a Radio Shack Pro-97 scanner but dont have the programming cable or the Pro-97 software at this time. I'm trying to program it to carry the frequencies for the Friendswood VFD along with the FVD's of surrounding areas.

I cleared the device to factory default and have gotten all of the frequencies that I have listed
FVFD Primary 159.225
Mutual Aid 1 154.280
HAHERN 155.340
Com Center 154.235
Southeast VFD 154.445
Galveston County 154.730
League City VFD 154.175
PHI 159.900
Seabrook VFD 154.385
Kemah VFD 158.895
CLEMC 155.400
Mutual Aid 2 154.265
Mutual Aid 3 154.295
Life Flight 128.850

These are all in Bank 0 slots 0-14.

These do scan however i only hear one side of a broadcast. I took my scanner to Radio Shack and the guy told me i needed to go in and program the trunking frequencies Motorola 2 or MOT.
He told me to come here to radio refrence and get the frequencies i needed. Which are

866.41250 FrdswdFDTac1 Type M Tone 734 DPL
866.16250 FrdswdFDTac1 Type M Tone 734 DPL
and it says Fire/EMS StarNet TG-20016 - Fire Dispach

He said i needed to enter talk groups and i needed to get the code for the Alvin Tower also known as the Dickenson tower to program in.

Ok at this point i thought i had it but come to find out i'm totally lost..

Can anybody tell me exactly how to do this on a RS Pro-97? I need the dumb'd down version. I'm again in Friendswood Tx and need the Fire Dispatch and Police frequencies programmed into Trunk.

Thank you again!


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Sep 15, 2006
Fair Oaks, CA
PRO-97 programming

The manual that comes with the PRO-97 is one of the worst ever written, not just for scanners. There is an easier to read manual here: Easier to Read Pro-97/2055 Scanner Manual

You can also check the Wiki section here at RR: Pro-97 - The RadioReference Wiki

Programming trunking can be done manually, but it takes a LOT of keystrokes. It is well worth getting the programming cable and software. I figured mine out "on paper" so I'd know exactly what I wanted programmed where, and it took a week of 8 hours per day to get it in there.

Good luck.
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