1. cornbread33

    Quick Question

    Tonight we are expecting storms , Would it be ok to add my Local Ham Freq. to my Feed during the bad Weather Event ? And then remove it afterward s.
  2. cornbread33

    Rr down ?

    Is There a problem with RR ? My feed will not play nor will anyone else s i click on . Also I have had 4 other people try and theirs will not work either not just my county but other county's as well
  3. cornbread33

    Listeners Feed Timing out

    I am a new Broadcaster , I have noticed as well as my Listeners after a while the feed stops on the Player no matter which one you use , if you just click play again it replays what it has already broadcast, you have to close it out and start over playing the feed again. Is there something that...
  4. cornbread33

    trying to get started with RR

    I broadcasted for a while on incident broadcast through team speak and they did away with the service now i have applied to boadcast here and have heard nothing back from RR i gave them a detailed list of what i could broadcast now not sure what the problem is , any suggestions ? this will be...
  5. R

    Help With These Frequencies

    Can someone please help me decipher these frequencies for me. I am retired from Ford and these are the channels that the IT guy gave me. I have a Uniden BC 246T scanner and I would like to listen in on whats going on but don't know what this is to bring it in my software (ARC246). Thanks Bob...
  6. paperclip-kc

    TSYS and talk group

    WIN500 help TSYS and talk group I download WIN500 Software I have a problem. How could I link TSYS and talk group together within the software before I download to my RS197?
  7. T

    Lake City,TN

    Why can i pick up lakecity on my scanner 1 of the freqs are 460.1750 and theres another i cant pick the signal up with my uniden bc700a i live in lake city but still can pic nything up i programmed them into private and still nothing