highway patrol

  1. Dispatrick

    2019 VHF Low Band Logs

    Starting the list early this year! Bergen County NJ opening between approx 10:20 and 11:30 37.040 127.3 Smyth County VA Sheriff 42.940 173.8 Either NC or MO, open mic received for about 2:30 seconds 46.080 151.4 Bartow County GA Fire Disp (The EARLIEST I've ever heard this station. usually...
  2. CopperWhopper67

    CHP Base Channel vs Mobile Channel (and Mobile Extenders)

    What is the functional difference between the base channel of a certain color and the mobile channel of that certain color? Also, what's the difference between the 700 MHz extender listed with each color channel, and the universal VHF mobile extender listed after the Division listings? Thanks...
  3. 1

    Missouri Highway Patrol Radio Identifiers

    Hey does anybody know what the unit number are like 700's are commercial vertical patrol and 800's these are not what these units are actually but do you guys know what the unit's like theses equal?
  4. A

    Uniden BC60XLT-1

    I have just purchased a Uniden BC60XLT-1. It is used and I am trying to program it to Sampson County fire, sheriff, and police. Also, N.C Highway patrol. I can put in 7 digits and a decimal. Where can I find thee codes please? Thank you in advance for any help you can give.
  5. kg4ojj

    State agencies in the clear...kind of

    By chance, I discovered two state agencies in the clear - Fish & Wildlife and FHP. Okay, I do NOT have a state radio nor a secret decoder ring, but I do know a good dispatcher when I hear one.... I was in Palatka (Putnam County) last week during a shooting call. No injuries, but a few...
  6. M

    Programming Help

    I am trying to program a Uniden scanner to include the VIPER system, in an attempt to hear SHP in Gaston, Mecklenburg, and Lincoln counties. Do I need to program *all* the VIPER frequencies and then the talk groups for my districts, or can I just program the frequencies specific to those...
  7. C

    Highway Patrol

    Hey all, How would you choose what Highway Patrol Freqs would you use in your scanner, if you where driving Interstate 8, 10 to 20 from San Diego to Dallas. I know I can look at the freqs. Do I use the Statewide Freqs or should I use more City specific freqs. Just would like to know how other...