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    Trans-Canada highway - from ocean to ocean..- CB AM channels on the highway, VHF / FM / SSB channels

    Hey, I have a similar topic for Quebec, but trying to have one general topic for the Trans-Canada Highway CB radio channels, and ..maybe..even the VHF channels. ...so for Quebec highway roads, mostly it's very straight forward, the most popular CB AM channel on the highway is Channel 10, you...
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    Oneida Cnty Hwy

    453.300 is listed as Oneida County Highway Department. I am hearing bursts of noise from time to time but no audio. Anyone know if this frequency is correct and in use? Could the noise be a data mode? Thanks W2ZS
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    Vermilion Co Highway switched to TRBO?

    I'm hearing TRBO on 156.180 from Urbana. Wondering if the highway department has switched to TRBO? The FCC licnese has an emission code for MOTOTRBO.
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    Missouri State Highway Patrol Programming Help

    Can someone help me with the frequencies for Missouri Highway Patrol? I've read the wiki and it's confusing. I want to strictly monitor Troop C (STL County to be exact). Does MSHP use digital or analog frequencies? If they use analog frequencies, could someone give me the exact frequencies to...
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    INQUIRY -- Scanning for Highway Dept. talk groups...

    I downloaded the RS PRO-106 with the RR freqs and have not been able to sucessfully receive any Highway Department communications and need to know if anyone else is experiencing the same scenario. Thanks.
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    Does anyone have CHP dispatch audio from August 27th, 2010?

    Hi, I'm new hear and VERY unfamiliar with radio operations. I've noticed a few feeds here for CHP Golden Gate Division dispatch audio but the archives don't go back far enough. If anyone could help guide me in the right direction or get me in touch with someone, that would be outstanding. Thanks!