1. PrivatelyJeff

    DMR hotspot and APRS on one antenna

    I was thinking of installing a 600mw UHF DMR hotspot in my car and also A 10W VHF APRS tracker on my car (my mobile doesn’t have native APRS functionality nor do I want to tie it up with APRS). Is it possible to have them share an dual band antenna mounted on my trunk using a diplexer?
  2. PrivatelyJeff

    LTE and DMR hotspot in car

    Has anyone here ever installed an LTE modem and/or DMR hotspot in a car? I’m looking to do both and I have some questions.
  3. D


    Hello all I was wondering if anyone had created hotspot software and hardware for DMR that would connect to mototrbo. I was looking for something at my house and don't want to dump a load of money into a repeater.