1. rvacs

    HP-2: Uniden how about Promoting your NEW PRODUCT - HP2 ??

    Sorry this is just a ramble - but want Uniden to Read.... Please update your website for HomePatrol Does not reflect anything about the HomePatrol 2 - just mentions the HP-1 - No mention at all of HP-2. (No even support listings for HP-2). Now I know they are pretty much the same except for...
  2. F

    Failing to Receive VHF Trunk System

    I am attempting to scan the Maine State Communications Network (MSCommNet, link to RRDB below:), and experiencing an odd phenomenon. A GRE scanner decodes and receives the system fine. A 436hp shows full signal strength, but has no audio. An HP-1 will not show an active site while holding on the...
  3. joefil

    HP-1: Sentinel Software

    Hi all Anyone know if the Sentinel software that came with my 536 HP can also be used with my HP-1 Thanks Joe
  4. T

    HP-1: Scanner does not receive anything - Help

    Just upgraded my HP-1 with the extreme upgrade. Prior to this, the HP-1 worked fine, no issues. My local police upgraded their system and I could no longer hear them. So, I upgraded the firmware and DB to get up to date. That, however, seems to be a problem. Now the scanner does not hear...
  5. C

    INDY DPS, IMPD P25 changes and HP-1 hit failure

    About a week ago, 3 separate, newish Uniden HP-1s simultaneously and suddenly lost the ability to hit on and/or decode the Dept of Public Safety (SYSTEM) IMPD (DEPT) CHANNELS. This was after several months of performing flawlessly. In immediate side-by-side comparison, the Uniden BCD436HP &...
  6. mikewazowski

    HP-1: Mixed TDMA/FDMA talkgroup support

    Let me get this right out of the way first: I understand the HP-1 is not able to listen to TDMA talkgroups. If unlistenable modulation formats such as NXDN, D-Star and talkgroups marked Encrypted are imported, I don't understand why TDMA talkgroups aren't imported? There's a system near me...
  7. G

    Help Connect GPS to Home Patrol 1

    I am trying to figure out "how to" connect a gps to an HP1. I can't find it in the manual or searching this forum. I have a Garmin 1490. Any help, links, or tips is certainly appreciated.
  8. listen13579

    Pentagon JNCR

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to monitor the Pentagon via the JNCR system on my HP-1 but I'm not hearing anything. The radio occasionally stops briefly on TG 201 but no audio is heard. Anyone else listen to the Pentagon? Is it just my HP-1 or is the system not active? Signal strength shows 4 bars...
  9. O

    Create new favorites list for HP-1 in Sentinel

    Hello, Could someone please provide a simple procedure for creating a new favorites list in Sentinel for frequencies which are not in the database. I can create a new favorites list, but I am unable to enter any frequencies. I could not find this information in the Sentinel manual or in the...
  10. w1uxi

    Low Audio

    I have the HP and really like it except the local police are down in the mud. All others are fine. I live about 2 miles from the police tower. Has anyone else have this problem on their systems?
  11. C

    Is the Home Patrol Worth getting in my area?

    I live in claremore oklahoma and i am currently using the Uniden BCT-8 to broadcast my feed. But i am thinking about ordering the Home Patrol-1. Now i am wondering if there is any benefit in my area to getting/Using the Home Patrol-1. My immediate area is on the LTR network (Claremore Police)...
  12. R

    Bucks County Radio and Homepatrol

    After installing a better antenna on my Homepatrol my reception of the Bucks County Motorola trunk system really went downhill. Garbled broken up audio and the scan time increased sometimes pausing on Bucks for 5 or more seconds. Why? The database has 5 sites for the Bucks trunked system. With...
  13. jkahn

    HP-1 and Motorola Digital End Code

    Paul? Is there any way to turn the Digital End Code on for a specific system? Us folks in the DC Metropolitan area that monitor the Montgomery Co MD TRS have developed a new problem with the radio hanging after a comms. Often, you will hear another TGID talk while this is hung. Eventually...
  14. X

    Frequency coverage of Home Patrol - 1

    I am considering buying Home Patrol - 1. However, I see that it does not cover the 1240 - 1300 MHz frequency. Would I be missing much without those frequencies? Is there that much activity on that band?
  15. bookemdano67

    Homepatrol HP-1 will not scan??????

    Having an issue with my new HP-1. After power up it locks onto a frequency (there is no talking) and will not scan, it just stays on that channel. I have checked the squelch, and even cleared all programming and started fresh, still the same result. Anybody have any ideas here... Thank you, Dan.
  16. jkahn

    Ramblings of a new HP-1 owner

    I thought I would share my very positive experience as a brand new HP-1 owner. I have been into scanning since the very old crystal/tunable thing that went between the car's (AM) radio and antenna (darn close to 50 years)! When I got my 396T and 996T they were somewhere around my twentieth...
  17. ST-Bob

    Geotag overlap and options

    Since the advent of GPS-aware scanners geotag data has become important to RR and scanner users. The concept is brilliant but I question the execution. For example, Massachusetts has a large multi-user Motorola SmartZone system for the Mass State Police and other subscribing entities. This...
  18. BamaScan

    My Pros and Cons for the Home Patrol-1

    Here is my list of Pros and Cons for the Home Patrol-1. You may have a different list. Hopefully this list will help you decide to get a Home Patorol-1 or Not. Here are 10 Pros and 10 Cons. Pros 1) Size. Easy to hold in one hand. 2) Touch Screen. You Can lock in one county or department and...
  19. KC1UA

    Home Patrol Out Of The Box Quickie Review

    I received my Home Patrol today from Jeff at the Hamstation. Jeff contacted me quite a while ago when the HP release date became available to him, and advised me that I was at the top of the list if I wanted to be. I gave it a little thought and decided to take the plunge. Here's a shameless...