ht1250 motorola

  1. R

    Looking for a Codeplug

    Need Codeplug for H25RDH9DP7AN (HT1250 LS+) Yes, I know this has been addressed previously. I was unable to find a working Codeplug in “samples”, I also checked “codeplugsupersite”. Thanks
  2. R

    HT1250 LS+ Frequency Question

    I bought a Motorola HT1250 LS+ , it is programmed with 925.150 and 935.500. Can someone explain to me how this is possible ? I don’t understand how this frequency is programmed on a UHF low split radio. (I admit I am not very knowledgeable)
  3. F

    HT1250 Display Help

    My HT1250 display screen has started having issues. For some reason, the backlight works perfectly fine, but the screen isnt showing any text, battery icon, etc. Anyone have any idea what may be causing this issue?
  4. M

    HT1250 Public safety mic question

    Hi everyone, new to the forums. I was wondering if I could use the public safety mic (RMN5076A) on my HT1250 without an antenna on the mic, just the one on the radio. I guess basically my question is, can I use the PSM as a regular speaker mic? Thanks for any help. Sorry if this is posted in...
  5. X

    HT1250LS+ CPS Issue

    Hey all, First off, I currently have a Motorola HT1250LS+ that is fully functionable with TX'ing and communication with Motorola CPS. The current version of my CPS is R06.04.00. Now i have a second portable, the same exact one. Though this one was pre-programmed as i got it from a online group...
  6. A

    San Antonio, TX? Help me program my HT1250

    I recently picked up a few HT1250s and want to clear-out the existing programming. Unfortunately, I've learned that I have to pay a crazy amount to Motorola or pay a local dealer another crazy amount to have them re-programed. I would interested in the purchase the $300 CPS software, but its...
  7. J

    HT1250 Reprogramming

    Hello, Recently, I was given by my father-in-law, a Motorola HT1250 radio. It has been some time since this radio has been in use, and many of the frequencies are no longer in use. I am not looking to spend a fortune to get this radio back up to par. Does anybody have any suggestions how I...
  8. NJC4850

    HT1250 front button problem

    I was recently given two Motorola vhf 1250 radios by a former coworker who accepted a new job out of the country. one yellow and one black, but they are both 1250s. While attempting to program the yellow radio, I kept experiencing problems because the P2 and button above p1 (up one level) are...
  9. E

    HT1250 Programming Question

    Is it possible to set the Rx signaling to Quick Call and have the channel still be open for normal radio traffic? Thanks for your help. Evan