1. SlipNutz15

    Low-Pass Filter for scanner feeds

    I notice that when anyone talks on my feeds there is a noticeable PL hum associated with it. I understand that there are low-pass filters that can be put in place to eliminate the hum. Please verify (or correct me if I'm wrong) that a low-pass filter cuts out any audio below a certain...
  2. KC9WWJ

    Pro-106 DC hum when plugged into pc

    I was just wondering what methods people use to eliminate the ground loop/hum issue when your scanner is plugged into your PC? I am interested in becoming a stream provider, but cant get past this issue... Ive tried a ground loop isolator, but am now out of ideas... any helpful hints/tips???
  3. D

    Radio hum

    My feed has a hum on it, when I have it disconnected from the computer and just listening to the scanner there is no hum but make the connection to the computer and I pick up a hum. Is there a filter that can be bought from radio shack or online that anyone may know about that could be place...
  4. Y

    Ongoing hum

    i installed new feed hardware - and feed is running - just like old software. It still has terrible hum - and the hum IS NOT from scanner - but hum is on the line into computer. I bought the ground loop isolator and other stuff recommended when I joined and asked this question about four months...
  5. Y

    Help please-Hum despite Ground Loop Isolator

    I am new - and recently began providing feed from Marquette County, MI. I really think the scanner feeds are a great idea as I have listened to scanner 24/7 since age 16 in my job as news reporter. Big problem is a hum in feed. Thought the Radio Shack ground loop isolator would fix problem. It...
  6. Y

    Help with hum please: Ground Loop Isolator stop hum

    I have tried sending feed thru several computers and am using a Ground Loop Isolator from Radio Shack. Plus I moved scanner to different rooms Still have bad hum in feed. Any suggestions? Help please. I figured if I can't resolve hum its not worth sending a feed.
  7. P

    Hum from Pro 163?

    Hi, I have a new Pro 163 and it has an awful hum. The frequency of the hum changes with the intensity of the backlight (hitting DIM changes the frequency of the hum). It is impossible to use headphones as the hum is too annoying. It doesn't seem to be a grounding problem or interference from a...