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    IC-V82 Production Discontinued??

    Hello ALL A seller told me that ICOM has discontinued manufacturing new IC-V82 sets? I tried to google and also visited ICOM website but could not corroborate it? So is this true or only a ploy to sell alternate sets? Thanks in advance! -- AHammer
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    Question about ICOM IC V-82

    Hello, please forgive me if this is the wrong forum for this question. I have 4 IC-V82s 2 are US and 2 are Export versions, I am trying to program them from the computer since I have a large number of frequencies that I use, but the difference between the two radios is making it so I cannot...
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    Programming IC-V82 via computer

    I recently purchased the Icom OPC-478UC cable to program my IC-V82 using my computer. When I run the CS-V82 software I get the following error "No Answer From Transceiver". The radio is on, the cables are connected....all the things it suggests I check. I was wondering if anyone out there can...