1. D

    Is radio scanning legal or illegal in your country?

    I'm wondering which country makes radio scanning legal or illegal. Can you share legal information for radio scanning in your countries? (e.g. links to laws or regulations) I'd like to know which country I can bring scanners with me when I travel.
  2. Jaofeng

    Baofeng on FRS channels

    Hello, I recently purchased a Baofeng BF-F9V2+. I do not have any licenses yet. After reading multiple forums, it seems that it would be illegal for me to transmit on FRS frequencies. However, from the FCC website, my understanding is that FRS channels are free to use so long as the...
  3. 2

    Old School Galaxy radios

    Just getting back to 11 meter after being off the air since early 2000. As a teen in the '90s, Galaxy was all the rage with their "illegal" radios, that were spreading like wild fire. The Galaxy Saturns and 88s along with the Mirage 44s were the most common. Just about every truck stop CB shop...
  4. J

    Emergency radio transmissions

    I was wondering about one part in particular of the FCC Rules regarding Ham radio. Essentially, my question is: If you are a LICENSED Ham operator, are you authorized to transmit emergency messages out of ham bands in an emergency situation? My hypothetical situation is: I'm out driving...
  5. J

    Illegal Broadcast on 155.760MHz in New Haven

    Ok so I'm finally fed up enough to post this. I drive through New Haven on my way home from school every night, usually somewhat late. My radios are usually on. One night about 2 weeks ago, I was on my way home, heading up Whalley ave out of the city, and heard something quite strange. Near...
  6. A

    mtx 8000

    i have a mtx 8000 and every time i get it programed i get zapped how can it be fixed so it wont get zapped
  7. cifn2

    Marine Radio Usage?

    I have been noticing on the Marine Frequencies, an increased usage in Illinois. I have also saw walmart sells them right along the FRS, but with increased power and increase range testimony. I have noticed by using the Marine bank in my mobile scanner, that several groups are using them, they...