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    Imperial Valley Emergency Communications Authority (IVECA800) - Call-in/Online Zoom Meeting

    Imperial Valley Emergency Communications Authority (IVECA) - Call-in/Online Zoom Meeting Details on the Agenda PDF Agenda - 1:30pm Thursday September 24, 2020 -
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    TRX-1: Another TRX-1 programing question

    I just got a TRX-1 about a week and a half ago and cant figure out how to program it the way I would like. Is there a way to program each scanlist as a bank like in the older scanners? (RS Pro 106). I would like to have one scanlist as a roaming style and have one scanlist separate for each...
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    I need scanner antenna help

    I need advise for a new scanner antenna. After many many years its finally time to put my old ST2 to rest. It has become a victim of bad weather and old age. I need a new antenna and not sure which one to buy. I'm looking for one that's very good on 42.92 MHz and 42.64 MHz that's Imperial County...
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    San Diego Co/Imperial Co Regional Communications System (RCS) Question Thread

    I have 2 ? 1st one is should I program all 19 north site freq in or just the main control channel and the 3 alts 2nd one is what happens if they have a major failure in the RCS system do they go into fail safe non-trunking mode and where does the radio traffic go does rely on all 19 freq to...
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    Found streaming and recording software

    Hi everyone. I found streaming software and I would like your input about it. This software worked for me for streaming my scanner online and my friend said it sounded good on his end. the thing I don't like about it is that it uses my IP as an address to connect. I would like your opinion...
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    Imperial Co BLM Frequencies

    Hello everyone Well it’s that time again. The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to hit the deserts. I thought I would share my list of State Parks and BLM Frequencies that I listen to. These cover Imperial Co, Superstition Mtns, Ocotillo Wells and Glamis. Most used * 857-12500 Surcom St...
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    need help selecting a scanner, Imperial Co. CA

    Hi: I live in Imperial County in CA (specifically El Centro) and am respectfully asking for advice for what type of scanner to get in order to listen in to the local public safety and other traffic. I'm a newbie amateur but I know that the local PS is almost all on the San Diego RCS System and...